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Q.  What is the time commitment?

A.  It varies depending on age, but the Instructional Base and Intermediate levels (3rd-6th) practice once a week during season with a few weeks of two practices at the front end of season, and have a league game once a week on Saturdays beginning after Labor Day.  Our Instructional Advance (7th-12th) practices once a week, also with a few weeks of two practices preseason.  Our Junior High level will practice two times a week with 4-6 weekday evening games during the season and Saturday league games.  The U14 level (14 or younger on Sept.1) practices 2-3 times a week with 1-2 games a week during the week.  The JV and Varsity levels practice 2-3 times per week, play 2-3 games per week, travel on some weekends, and participate in two or three out of town tournaments or quad matches.  They also practice and play during the summer two times a week during June and July until season kicks in August 1st and will participate in some local scrimmages during preseason.

Q.  Where do you practice?

A.  Our practice facility is Sports Plus on Reading Road in Evendale. 10765 Reading Road Cincinnati, OHIO 45241

Q.  How much travel is there and to where?

A.  Our instructional levels travel mostly to three or four gyms for their league play. This may include Mason, Lebanon, Middletown, and Evendale (our home courts).  Our Junior High level may travel 2-3 games to Hamilton, Germantown, Lebanon, and Milford depending on who we are able to schedule matches.  Our U14 travels to Dayton, Mason, and around the greater Cincinnati area.  Our JV and Varsity may travel out of town to Louisville, Lexington, Ft. Wayne, IN, Akron, Oh, Indianapolis, Columbus, Dayton, and greater Cincinnati area depending upon who we are able to schedule.  Varsity will travel to Tennessee for four nights for the National tournament as well as participate in a team camp in July usually within two hours from Cincinnati.

Q.  What are the age requirements and on which team can I play?

A.  We anticipate having two to three teams at the instructional base and intermediate levels every year, though we determine that based on the number of registrants, coaching, and player experience.  Those could include a 3rd/4th, 5th/6th.  Home schooling can make this grade differentiation tricky, but we try to place someone on a team to be comfortable with their teammates because of age or size.  Our Junior High level can include girls 11-14 and will be a more competitive level than our Instructional.  Our U14 athletes must adhere to the age limit of no older than 14 on September 1st of that season and is for more experienced players who participate in team evaluations in early June and are placed on this team.  The Instructional Advance team is designed for 7th-12th grade players who are new or fairly new to the game or who are not wanting to commit to the high school teams, or are placed on this team following evaluations. Our JV athletes must be no older than 16 on September 1st, and our varsity no older than 18 on September 1st in order to participate in the regional tournament.  Both of these teams are competitive levels and players must participate in team evaluations and be placed on these teams.

Q.  What is the Difference between Junior High and U14?

A.  Our Junior High team was designed for girls who have had at least one year of playing experience and who are in the age group of 11-14. This level will have fewer weekday games but will compete in a weekly league game on Saturdays.  Our U14 team plays more in the week during the season, usually at least one a week, but often more, and they do not play in the league.

Q.  What sort of protocol will be followed or required because of COVID-19?

A.  Our facility, as well as every facility in which we will be competing, requires us to wear a face mask when not playing.  For practices, parents are asked to not stay in the stands unless for medical reasons notified to the AD.  Each athlete will have their temperature checked and have a few questions asked of them at each practice and game regarding sickness symptoms, including whether they have a sore throat, cough, fever, shortness of breath, and exposure to COVID. Please do not send anyone to practice who has been demonstrating any of these symptoms.  We will also be using hand sanitizer during practice before every water break as well as washing every ball at the end of every practice.
For home matches at Sports Plus, each athlete will be permitted to have 2 spectators wearing masks and sitting six feet from other non-family guests.  Visiting spectators are required to do the same.  Each opponent will notify us of their specific requirements and it will be communicated with our families prior to game time.  Please expect the possibility that a school or program may ask that we bring no spectators.  All of these guidelines, of course, are subject to change with very little notice.

Q.  Will there be a refund should the season get shut down due to COVID-19?

A.  Yes, we will refund families for any amount that was not spent prior to shut down on facility, league fees, tournament entry fees, officials, and uniform expenses.  Coaches will be paid on the percentage of the season completed.  Administration and bookkeeping costs cannot be refunded.

Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  We try to estimate costs based on numbers and expenses as we are a not for profit organization.  Fees vary based on court rental needs, league fees, tournament fees, official costs, uniforms, etc.  We offer a three month payment plan option to spread out costs if families prefer.  This 2020 season, fees are as follows:

 Instructional Base, Intermediate, Advanced (3rd - 12th) - $220
 Junior High - $300
 U14 - $355
 Junior Varsity - $425
 Varsity - $600


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